Thursday, 30 December 2021

One more bit of Seasonal Silliness: Standard of Santa's Heavy Cavalry

As is well known, Santa's toy and gift factory at the North Pole is well guarded but, for obvious reasons, the details of the units guarding the place are a close-kept secret. It is thought that there are several units of heavy cavalry, largely sleigh mounted, but able to serve on foot as infantry as needed - dragoons, in fact. Details of one of their standards have leaked out - see below. Like the light cavalry guidon previously shown on the other site, it has a remarkable resemblance to mid-18th century British patterns. Whether the 3 in the central cartouche refers to squadron or regiment is not known. DG probably means Dragoon Guards but again, this is not certain. The age-old motto of the Santa service Circum Orbem Una Nocte (Around The World In One Night) is proudly displayed on the scroll beneath the central device.

It seemed more appropriate to post this on my somewhat dormant Tippelbruder site rather than on the much more serious SYW Templates site. Hopefully one day I will have time and energy to revivify the world of Tippelbruder!

Saturday, 13 June 2020

Here is the Tippelbruder medal at last...

Even a Republic run by committee like Tippelbruder can act quickly sometimes; here is the Tippelbruder Victory medal, dug out of the storeroom in the Town Hall at Tippelbruder where the medals had languished for far too long. After much discussion it was decided that a single type of medal in gold would be issued to all who had fought in the battle, regardless of rank, rather like the Waterloo Medal which our crystal ball told us would be issued after that monumental battle of 1815.

This is the medal with ribbon:

And this the medal alone:

Apologies to all those who deserved to receive this long ago; at least now you can wear it with pride! We thank you all for fighting so nobly and successfully for the freedom of Tippelbruder against the foul Stagonians.

David Linienblatt on behalf of the Tippelbruder Town Council.

Must get that Tippelbruder medal finished and issued at long last!

It is really too bad that the medal has not yet been issued; soon it will be as notorious as the one in the next century for the Peninsular War (we have a crystal ball here in Tippelbruder that allows us to see such things...).

I'll convene the town council as soon as I can and we'll see if something can be done very soon...

David Linienblatt.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Tippelbruder medal almost ready for dispatch to the many deserving recipients...

After years of delays, not least because of the many committees involved in the design and production of the medals, the Tippelbruder medals are close to completion and should be ready for dispatch to the many worthy recipients who came from near and far to protect Tippelbruder from those ghastly Stagonians.

More news soon...

David Linienblatt
For the ruling council of Tippelbruder.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Tippelbruder commissions a medal for those who fought in the battle to protect Tippelbruder from the Stagonians

It's long overdue but at last the town council of Tippelbruder have commissioned a medal from David Linienblatt to be given to all those who fought in the battle for Tippelbruder. There will be 3 different but similar medals. A gold and silver star will be given to commanders; a silver medal will be given to those, officers and men, who distinguished themselves by notable acts of courage; and a copper/bronze medal will be given to all who fought in the battle, regardless of rank. No date has yet been set for giving out the new medal as it is still being designed but when it is completed there will be a ceremony in Tippelbruder, after which medals will be sent to all the allied countries that participated in the battle. Above is the basic design that is likely to be used for the medal.

Friday, 26 June 2009

Signor Bassi sits (or rather, stands) for his portrait

Signor Bassi, who has come from Cavenderia to learn under the aegis of David Linienblatt of Tippelbruder, has had the roughs of his portrait completed. As they were started when he was still suffering from the travails of his long journey here he is hoping that the final portrait will show him looking somewhat more rested and genial. Also coming soon - the exciting story of Signor Bassi's rather dangerous cross-cultural encounter with touchy Samurai in the streets of Tippelbruder!

Friday, 9 January 2009

Tippelbruder - the secret is out!

Recent sabre-rattling and veiled threats about Tippelbruder from the new tyrannical egomaniac in charge of Stagonia, Ludwig the Louse, means that it is now time for massive changes in Tippelbruder to become public knowledge, partly to show that any tyrant foolish enough to try another attack on Tippelbruder will have an even harder time than the last idiot. Contributions from a wide and admiring public throughout Europa as well as vastly increased revenues from tourism and trade have allowed the Tippelbruder Town Council to instigate a massive programme of improvements to the defences of Tippelbruder. The old mediaeval town walls have been swept away and new, up-to-date defences created. The attached picture shows the state of the walls of Tippelbruder itself - the outer defences, still being constructed, are more of a state secret but no doubt evidence of their nature will eventually leak out.

Come on, Ludwig! Come and get a bloody nose, just like your late unlamented predecessor!