Saturday, 13 June 2020

Here is the Tippelbruder medal at last...

Even a Republic run by committee like Tippelbruder can act quickly sometimes; here is the Tippelbruder Victory medal, dug out of the storeroom in the Town Hall at Tippelbruder where the medals had languished for far too long. After much discussion it was decided that a single type of medal in gold would be issued to all who had fought in the battle, regardless of rank, rather like the Waterloo Medal which our crystal ball told us would be issued after that monumental battle of 1815.

This is the medal with ribbon:

And this the medal alone:

Apologies to all those who deserved to receive this long ago; at least now you can wear it with pride! We thank you all for fighting so nobly and successfully for the freedom of Tippelbruder against the foul Stagonians.

David Linienblatt on behalf of the Tippelbruder Town Council.

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