Thursday, 22 November 2007

The Future of Templates from Tippelbruder

With war close to Tippelbruder the future of templates from the shop here seems uncertain. David Linienblatt has volunteered to serve with his cousin's Freikorps, as he has some skill with a rifle, and he feels that as the ostensible cause of the war he cannot let other men fight for him without risking his own life on the field of battle. Should he fall in combat, who will carry on the templates? Nearly 100 templates have now been produced; will there be more?

Monday, 5 November 2007

Map of Tippelbruder and environs

For the forthcoming campaign and battle that talented amateur cartographer and refugee Jacobite Horatio di Pauli (a pseudonym) (now serving with the Trunkenbold Freikorps) has drawn up this map.

He's a very modern cartographer, as you can see, with contours, bitmap fills and all - he didn't have time to mess around with all those hand-drawn 18th century refinements.

War is nearly upon us

After many months of tension and waiting, war is nearly upon us. The propaganda war waged by Koenig Maurice of Evil Stagonia has served only to harden the resolve of the people of Tippelbruder and their allies, and all await the conflict with determination and visions of victory over the Vile Stagonians.

A piece of doggerel scrawled on a wall in Tippelbruder recently sums up the feelings of the Tipplebruderans:

Do you really think
Evil Stagonia
And her even more evil king
Tittering and scheming and threatening
Has any chance of doing a thing?

Tyrants never prosper long
Others gather to right the wrong

So carry on making your bluster
Tattle-head empty-brained thing
After you've run away screaming
Gone into exile and dreaming
Of days when your reign meant something
Now you'll repent your false lustre
In grief and misery, King
And never forget Tippelbruder - the small town with a large sting.

Friday, 24 August 2007

Highly Confidential: From the Minutes of the Town Council 23.08.1757

Discussion about the meaning of the strange graffiti plastering numerous walls in Tippelbruder led to no firm conclusion but it does seem likely that someone is trying to implicate a certain very high-ranking personage in Stollen in the affairs of Tippelbruder. To what possible end we can only speculate.

Confirmation of the existence of the eye-patched white-clad hussar in Tippelbruder has come from a roundabout diplomatic source who cannot be named but all house-to-house searches have failed to find him. Is he still here or has he fled back to his masters?

The gift of 2 hunting dogs from Stagonia to David Linienblatt with the message:
Ah, I see that you are beginning to come around to a reasonable point of view.

To show our pleasure at your "change of heart", accept this fine pair of hunting dogs as a symbol of our goodwill.

-- Baron Gustav von Rumpel
Foreign Minister of Stagonia

is obviously a ploy by Stagonia to muddy the waters and probably to cover their nefarious activities, by suggesting that the aforesaid David Linienblatt has changed his attitude to Stagonia and allowed his business instincts to overcome his patriotism. However, the Template Shop's decision to tender for contracts to provide French-style uniforms has nothing to do with Stagonia but is a sensible response to the growing general demand in the market for such uniforms, and was fully discussed and approved by the Town Council beforehand. As they say in Tippelbruder, "Why should war get in the way of good business?".

Some of the troops now encamped in the vicinity of Tippelbruder are becoming a little fractious for want of activity and so their commanders have asked to be able to perform realistic manouevres to keep their men on their toes. A message will be posted in the town urging householders not to be alarmed if they hear sounds of musketry and cannon fire in the next few days; this does not signal an all-out attack by Stagonian forces (we hope; although if it does we are ready and waiting).

We still have no intelligence on the forces that Stagonia may employ in any assault on Tippelbruder nor do we have any firm indication if such troops are at present being mustered in Stagonian territory. Is Stagonia's posture mere bluster?

The Council has also issued a picture showing the arrest of Karl Kopfarbeiter, pour encourager les autres.

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Mob tries to storm jail in Tippelbruder...

From the Tippelbruder Realzeitung: Yesterday evening a mob of around 3-400 people from the poorer districts of the town marched on the town jail in Tippelbruder; they were demanding that Karl Kopfarbeiter be handed over to them. Our reporter on the scene says that half seemed drunk and were trying to release him, and the other half were sober and wanted to lynch him. The town jailer Peter Hexenschuss rose to the occasion and, having sent his assistant to call out the militia, wheeled out the Puckle machine gun that he had kept ready for just such an emergency onto the front steps of the jail and cowed the mob into a surly silence with tales of what it would do to the first man, woman or child who tried to enter the building. When 50 of the militia and some of the Trunkenbold Hussars arrived 15 minutes later little remained to do but to disperse the few "revellers" who were left and post a strong guard around the jail for the night.

Meanwhile the search for Stagonian agents provocateurs in the town continues but the tall hussar with the eye patch continues to elude his deserved fate on the town gallows...

Wednesday, 8 August 2007

A Plot Revealed in Tippelbruder...

From the Tippelbruder Realzeitung, 8th August 1757: Rumours abound in the town today that last night a plot to deliver Tippelbruder to the Stagonians without a shot being fired was thwarted. It is said that the nephew of Max Osterling, Secretary to the General Council of Tippelbruder, has been arrested after the discovery of a treasonable correspondence with the Stagonians. The nephew, Karl Kopfarbeiter, is a well known drunken idle layabout who has squandered the talents he showed at the university of Saxe-Bearstein many years ago (he was inter-university tiddleywinks champion 3 years running) and embarrassed his family by his behaviour. However, he was until now generally regarded as harmless, if largely worthless. His most notorious habit was the long list of tall invisible friends he loudly claimed to have, including a 6-foot dormouse, a stag-beetle and a one-legged postilion; certainly his only real "friends" have long been his drinking companions in the stews of Tippelbruder.

Latest: Sources close to the Town Council have revealed that it is true that Karl Kopfarbeiter has indeed been arrested for involvement in a plot to let Stagonian troops in to Tippelbruder through one of the postern gates; he was apparently to have given the guards ale dosed with poppy juice and opened the gate at a pre-arranged signal with the troops waiting outside the moat. A family friend of the Kopfarbeiters has also claimed that Karl blames his latest invisible friend for telling him to do it; this invisible friend is a 7-feet tall white-clad hussar, with an eye patch. In a sinister turn of events, one of our reporters who has been interviewing some of Karl's drinking companions at the notorious dive "The Owl and Strumpet" in Klinkengasse Strasse tells us that several claimed (admittedly after copious libations with 3-pfennig doses of rum) that a tall man, with an eye patch and a long pipe, wearing a voluminous black cloak from head to feet, has been seen hanging about in various alehouses in Tippelbruder. Two men claimed that they had glimpsed a white uniform of some description under the cloak.

More to follow...

Monday, 6 August 2007

Most Secret - Tippelbruder Defences 1692

Our archivist dug out a copy of a plan of 1692 showing the Tippelbruder defences. As you can see, they are strongest on the west and south-west but a moat does extend around the entire perimeter of the walls.

Stagonia - the nature of the threat against us...

Intelligence has now come in of the size and constitution of the Stagonian armed forces. It is not thought that more than a portion of these forces will be available for any attack on Tippelbruder.

"The Stagonian field army is fairly substantial with 8 regiments of line infantry, 3 regiments of "Colonial infantry" (sort of like Grenzers), a battalion of standing Grenadiers, 4 regiments each of Heavy Horse and of Other Horse, plus considerable Artillery."

The League Against Stagonia

MOST SECRET - Updated Again 9th August 1757 - The General Council of Tippelbruder have drawn up the following list of troops available immediately in the vicinity of or able to march to Tippelbruder with the design of preventing a Stagonian attack on the town.

We are still in sore need of intelligence on the numbers, availability and locations of Stagonian forces.

The Freikorps of Count Hans Trunkenbold von Misthaufen:

Musketeer Battalion c.500 men
Jäger Corps c.400 men
Croats 3 companies c.300 men
Hussars 3 squadrons c.300 men

6-3 pounder guns

Total Freikorps: c.1500 men

Tippelbruder Militia

c.100 men

3-3 pounder guns


Regiment Von Lowenbrau One Battalion c.750 men

Regiment Von Urquell One Battalion c.750 men (In Reserve)

Grenadier Company Von Carling 123 men

Grenadier Company Von Coors 122 men

Jägers One Company 62 men

One 9lb gun and crew


Hussars One Squadron 120 men

Garde du Corps Prinzessin Gertrude Two Musketeer Companies 2 x 120 = 240 men

Jäger Regiment Von Behler One Company 120 men

Captain Streicher and Corporal Sontag

Soweiter League

Saxe-Urquhart 86th Highlanders c.560 men

Prince Maurice Duke of Fenwick (vice King Leopold IV of Wittenburg)

One battalion of infantry Colonel Von Feldmouse 4 Companies 600 men

One battery of artillery Lt. Colonel Von Schweeky 120 men and 6 guns

Duchy of Mieczyslaw (In Reserve)

5 companies of the elite Wojskowo Piechota 460 infantry
4 squadrons of the veteran Wstrasowo Dragoons 150 horse

Total: c.5052 men

The story so far 3...

Thursday, 2 August 2007

War approaches...

As war looms large over Tippelbruder, offers of help have flooded in from others opposed to the tyranny of Stagonia. Both the Soweiter League and Hesse-Engelburg have pledged troops to defend the town and we await details of the troops which Saxe-Bearstein will be able to commit to the impending conflict. At a tense meeting of the Town Council of Tippelbruder last night all present vowed to resist the tyranny of Stagonia, should the present animosity escalate into war, as most fear it will. The general council were addressed by the great orator and patriot (and pie shop proprietor) Herr Adolf Flegelruck whose stirring speech concluded: "We shall fight them in the forests, we shall fight them on the lakesides, we shall fight them in the streets. We shall never surrender!" The meeting concluded at 9.35 and refreshments were served in the Council Chamber.


Bluebear Jeff said...

If you would like, we of Saxe-Bearstein can send either Regiment von Urquell and/or Regiment von Lowenbrau for your defense.

Each is a one battalion regiment with a current strength of approximately 750 officers and men.

You might recall that both are red-coated -- von Urquell with dark green facings and von Lowenbrau with light blue facings.

Please advise us as to whether you would like both battalions or, if just one, which you'd prefer.

-- General Baron Helmut von Pilsner

02 August 2007 20:23

David said...

Herr General,

Please despatch one battalion immediately and keep the other in reserve, ready to move at a moment's notice, should it be necessary. We leave the choice to you as you will know far better than we can the state of readiness of the 2 regiments.

At this stage we hope that the Stagonians, who no doubt are fully aware of the nations throwing their support behind Tippelbruder, will think again and not throw Central Europe into a potentially devastating war.

Once again may I say how grateful we in Tippelbruder are for the support you are giving us in our hour of need.

We shall also need to convene a Council of War to discuss our strategy and also the command of this mixed force from several nations.

Max Osterling, Secretary to the General Council of Tippelbruder.

02 August 2007 23:24

Fitz-Badger said...

The Stagonians seem intent on invading the Soweiter League as well, so we can't spare many troops, but we will send the Saxe-Urquhart 86th Highlanders, Colonel Stanley McLaurel commanding (note: 86th doesn't mean there are 85 other such units currently, rather the number is incremented at significant milestones) as they are battle ready and wouldn't miss a good fight. Battlecry "If ye can say it's a braw bricht moonlicht nicht, ye're all richt, ye ken!"
They will be excorting a supply train of supplies as mentioned previously.

03 August 2007 03:02

Bluebear Jeff said...

Very well, Saxe-Bearstein will dispatch the von Lowenbrau Battalion.

-- General Baron Helmut von Pilsner

03 August 2007 06:53

tidders said...

To: The Council of Tipplebruder
From : Leopold IV King of Wittenberg

His majesty is most concerned about the threat to your country. Unfortunately we are unable to send troops due the current hightened state of tension with Monrovia. However our friend Prince Maurice Duke of Fenwick has graciously agreed to send one battalion of infantry and a battery of artillery to help (the infantry and artillery have red coats and their flags are emblazoned with a mouse rampant).

Count Herman Munster
[on behalf of Leopold IV King of Wittenberg]

03 August 2007 12:44

David said...

The citizens of Tippelbruder look forward to welcoming the Soweiter League's 86th Highlanders; the ladies are especially excited at the prospect! Many thanks to the League.

Max Osterling, Secretary to the General Council of Tippelbruder.

03 August 2007 19:25

David said...

To General Baron Helmut von Pilsner of Saxe-Bearstein:

Herr General,

We very much look forward to receiving the Lowenbrau Battalion in Tippelbruder.

With many thanks,

Max Osterling, Secretary to the General Council of Tippelbruder.

03 August 2007 19:28

David said...

To Count Herman Munster of Wittenberg

Please express our thanks to His Majesty for his concern. We are most grateful to Prince Maurice Duke of Fenwick for his generous offer and look forward to receiving his infantry and artillery in Tippelbruder.

With many thanks,

Max Osterling, Secretary to the General Council of Tippelbruder.

03 August 2007 19:41

The story so far 2...

Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Trunkenbold Freikorps

The staff artist with the Tippelbruder Realzeitung has produced this drawing of the uniforms of the Trunkenbold Freikorps, so that all citizens meeting them in the woods or the local alehouses can recognise them and make them welcome with friendly words and offers of food and drink.

P.S. Lock up your daughters...


Bluebear Jeff said...

If you like, we can provide some troops as well.

-- Jeff of Saxe-Bearstein
for Furst Bruno von Ursa

01 August 2007 13:07
David said...

The General Council of Tippelbruder are most grateful for the offer and would be pleased to hear further details by your speediest courier.

Max Osterling, Secretary to the Council.

01 August 2007 21:12
Fitz-Badger said...

You can count on some aid from the Soweiter League, too. (Vile Stagonians!)

02 August 2007 01:54
Snickering Corpses said...

Hesse-Engelburg also offers the services of a squadron of hussars and two musketeer companies from the Garde du Corps Prinzessin Gertrude, as well as a company of the Jager Regiment von Behler to act as scouts in the surrounding area. This force will operate under the command of Captain Wilhelm Streicker of the General Staff, who will lend his own experience to drill your militia as well if desired.

In addition, Corporal Sontag, prize-winning marksman of the von Platzen Grenadiers, has volunteered to conduct musketry training for your militia.

02 August 2007 14:49
Stokes Schwartz said...


Best Regards,

Stokes Schwartz

02 August 2007 16:23
David said...

The Citizens of Tippelbruder are most grateful for the offer of help from the Soweiter League. Please send details by your fastest courier of the aid which you will be able to give viz. numbers of men and when they will be able to march.

Max Osterling, Secretary to the General Council of Tippelbruder.

02 August 2007 17:08
David said...

The Citizens of Tippelbruder are most grateful to Hesse-Engelburg for the offer of troops to assist in this time of crisis. Please inform us when they will be able to march and their likely time of arrival in the vicinity of Tippelbruder.

Our militia are training by day and night but are very much in need of experienced officers to guide and train them so we are very pleased to accept the offer of the services of Captain Streicker and Corporal Sontag. It has been so many years since Tippelbruder faced danger of this magnitude that we are quite unprepared. Even as I write our archivists are attempting to find useful maps of the locality, and food, drink and weapons are being stockpiled in the town in case of siege. The town coffers are being emptied at an alarming rate!

Does anyone have intelligence of the forces available to Stagonia for an enterprise such as this and how long it might be before they could march on the town?

Max Osterling, Secretary to the General Council of Tippelbruder.

02 August 2007 17:19

The story so far...

Heightened tension in Tippelbruder

From the Tippelbruder Realzeitung, 1st August 1757: "Sabre rattling and threats from the court of Stagonia over alleged insults to their king Maurice by that upright and noble citizen David Linienblatt have led to a state of high alert in Tippelbruder. The Town Watch are now manning barricades at all entrances to the town, the drawbridges are routinely kept raised (despite protests from many merchants who are feeling most inconvenienced), and muskets and cannon have been issued from the town armoury to the town militia for the first time in over 30 years. It is believed that the Freikorps of Count Hans Trunkenbold von Misthaufen is spending the summer in the woods around Tippelbruder, allegedly for the sake of their health; this may be only a coincidence but it is public knowledge that the Count is cousin to David Linienblatt and their presence, as well as a promise of aid from Saxe-Bearstein in the event of hostilities, is helping to maintain good morale and public order in the town."

Fitz-Badger said...

Tippelbruder can count on whatever meagre aid the Soweiter League can provide as we, too, are being threatened by the Vile Stagonians. Small recompense for the great service by Messrs. Tippelbruder throughout the ImagiNations of Uropa.

Your Humble Servant,
Zurik Fitz-Badger

02 August 2007 01:52

Freistadt Tippelbruder

I thought it best to separate the Tippelbruder shenanigans from the template blog so here we have a whole new beginning for Tippelbruder and its relations with its warring neighbours, especially The League Against Stagonia.

I've not much time at the moment to tidy up the text; is it just me or is formatting the text on Blogger a bit of a black art? It very often refuses to give me the text size I want, for instance. Anyway, this is a start.