Friday, 26 June 2009

Signor Bassi sits (or rather, stands) for his portrait

Signor Bassi, who has come from Cavenderia to learn under the aegis of David Linienblatt of Tippelbruder, has had the roughs of his portrait completed. As they were started when he was still suffering from the travails of his long journey here he is hoping that the final portrait will show him looking somewhat more rested and genial. Also coming soon - the exciting story of Signor Bassi's rather dangerous cross-cultural encounter with touchy Samurai in the streets of Tippelbruder!

Friday, 9 January 2009

Tippelbruder - the secret is out!

Recent sabre-rattling and veiled threats about Tippelbruder from the new tyrannical egomaniac in charge of Stagonia, Ludwig the Louse, means that it is now time for massive changes in Tippelbruder to become public knowledge, partly to show that any tyrant foolish enough to try another attack on Tippelbruder will have an even harder time than the last idiot. Contributions from a wide and admiring public throughout Europa as well as vastly increased revenues from tourism and trade have allowed the Tippelbruder Town Council to instigate a massive programme of improvements to the defences of Tippelbruder. The old mediaeval town walls have been swept away and new, up-to-date defences created. The attached picture shows the state of the walls of Tippelbruder itself - the outer defences, still being constructed, are more of a state secret but no doubt evidence of their nature will eventually leak out.

Come on, Ludwig! Come and get a bloody nose, just like your late unlamented predecessor!