Thursday, 4 November 2010

Tippelbruder commissions a medal for those who fought in the battle to protect Tippelbruder from the Stagonians

It's long overdue but at last the town council of Tippelbruder have commissioned a medal from David Linienblatt to be given to all those who fought in the battle for Tippelbruder. There will be 3 different but similar medals. A gold and silver star will be given to commanders; a silver medal will be given to those, officers and men, who distinguished themselves by notable acts of courage; and a copper/bronze medal will be given to all who fought in the battle, regardless of rank. No date has yet been set for giving out the new medal as it is still being designed but when it is completed there will be a ceremony in Tippelbruder, after which medals will be sent to all the allied countries that participated in the battle. Above is the basic design that is likely to be used for the medal.