Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Victory for the allies at Tippelbruder!

The church bells have been ringing at Tippelbruder to celebrate the allied victory against the evil Stagonians. A full account of the battle is now awaited as well as details of the butcher's bill, which is believed to be heavy. Many wounded have been treated in the town, with the good citizens vying with each other to provide food, drink and what meagre medical supplies they can. The picture shows some of the wounded being brought in by cart.

It seems that despite the worst attentions of bad king Maurice, Tippelbruder will continue to be the first and finest supplier of uniform templates.


Bluebear Jeff said...

The citizens of Saxe-Bearstein are proud to have been able to contribute forces that aided in the defense of Tippelbruder.

-- Jeff of Saxe-Bearstein

abdul666 said...

While officially neutral, Monte-Cristo cannot but express its relief and admiration.

You'll understand we have to maintain our pretance of 'Warm friendship to all belligerants', but our agents specially dislike and despise the Stagonian ones: clumsy, obvious, rude, they undercut, spoil this dangerous, obscure, unrewarding but noble and essential profession.

Compliments for your stout defense - a well deserved victory.

PS: our agents in place since the trouble fomented last august by that eye-patched white-clad hussar, after acting on some distance as scouts and guides for the convoy of uniforms from Tippelbruder to Monte-Cristo, returned to your beautiful town. I read they took a discret, but not inefficient, part in the defense, in their own, peculiar, peculiarway.
(sorry cannot at the moment retrieve the 1st part of the report, where their action is more important and... hmm... diverse).

Fitz-Badger said...

The Highlanders of Saxe-Urquhart are also pleased to have been part of this historic defense.

3 cheers for Tippelbruder!

David said...

Yes, three cheers for all the Allies! :-)

Good to see Arthur's account of the battle taking shape at his blog, too.

Thanks, Jean-Louis. Those agents of yours are clearly a very lethal lot - I'm glad they're on our side. I suppose the full story of what happened may never come to light, unless one day a researcher stumbles across a dusty report in the Monte-Cristo archives. Please convey the hearty thanks of the Alliance to your people. :-)

All the best,


abdul666 said...

I'm sure His Grace Herzog Ignaz appreciates the painting: look so much like Waldreckers in hasty retreat!

The Uniforms Shoppe is busy and working like a whole anthill under amphetamines, these days. The relief, I suppose

David said...

True, Jean-Louis; well spotted (though I had not seen it myself until you pointed it out! ;-)).

Yes, staff morale has soared since the defeat of the Stagonians (nothing like a terrible fright to get the adrenalin going) so we're working them until they drop. :-) Ah, raw capitalism - have to love it...


MurdocK said...