Wednesday, 20 February 2008

New Tippelbruder Anthem Composed

In an upsurge of patriotic feeling caused by the defeat of the vile Stagonians, an anthem for the town has come by circuitous means into our hands and is being ascribed to native Tippelbruder composer Hans Bumsen, long an exile from the town.

[Were very grateful to our friend Herr Kerry Sullivan, long a friend to Tippelbruder, for bringing these to our notice.]

"From the heights of Ersatz Mountain to the Lakes of Pinkelmeer
From the leafy
Liebnitz forest ‘neath our skies so blue, so clear,

[Chorus: Tippelbruder, Tippelbruder, may she long triumphant stand
Cursed be all Stagonian upstarts who would besmirch our ancient land.]

See our hallowed halls of commerce, see our inns so rich and fine,
Where we settle all our business, drinking
Tippelbruder wine.

Celebrate our Men of Culture, Dummer, Eimer ,Dumplemann
Bumsen, Krankenhause and Hansen- they can’t do it - no-one can

Wide is famed our maidens’ beauty and their virtue, coy and chaste
We’ll repel voracious foemen bent on rapine, with all haste.

Rich our spires and tall our steeples. Let their bells resounding ring!
Praise to thee, Great Tipplebruder, free from emperor or king."

We have also received the words of the "Unofficial Marching Song of the Tippelbruder Militia [Fragment]"

"Oft we men of Tipplebruder, foul Stagonians soundly drub..

Find a pile of donkey’s doings, in it we’ll their noses rub!

Wide is famed our maidens' beauty and their virtue, coy and chaste

We’ll repel voracious foemen – least till we have had a taste!

Old Max Osten has a daughter and a butt of good brown beer

Let Max Osten do the fighting – I’m quite happy staying here!"



Fitz-Badger said...

Ha ha! :-D Good stuff.

Bluebear Jeff said...

So, when will the CD be available?

-- Jeff

David said...

:-) folks.

I'll have to consult Kerry who is the "researcher" who has "discovered" these gems of Tippelbruder history. ;-)

Watch this space!