Saturday, 16 February 2008

Secret plan of defences released

The Tippelbruder Council has released a plan showing where the hastily created extra defences of the town were for the battle of Tippelbruder; the cognoscenti will no doubt wish to know so that the battle accounts now being released are as clear as possible.

An extract from a despatch from November 1757 to the generals in the field explains: "One small thing I have had time to do is show the hasty defences added to Tippelbruder (see attached plan). Earthwork lunettes have been added to the point south of the bridge. B shows barricades. There are also 3 lunettes north of the town with the roads barricaded. The barricades are old waggons packed with earth and stones and other solid debris. There are small gaps for the defenders to get in and out. The bridge is lined with and has underneath inflammable material and barrels of gunpowder, just in case! There are also chevaux de frise and other moveable devices which have been put together so they can be placed where they will most usefully block access points and roads all around the town - I leave you to decide where such obstacles can be placed to best effect."

War artists were there during the battle and their drawings are eagerly awaited.

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