Monday, 6 August 2007

Stagonia - the nature of the threat against us...

Intelligence has now come in of the size and constitution of the Stagonian armed forces. It is not thought that more than a portion of these forces will be available for any attack on Tippelbruder.

"The Stagonian field army is fairly substantial with 8 regiments of line infantry, 3 regiments of "Colonial infantry" (sort of like Grenzers), a battalion of standing Grenadiers, 4 regiments each of Heavy Horse and of Other Horse, plus considerable Artillery."


David said...

Putting aside my Tippelbruder RPG hats, I wonder as a wargamer how we are going to do this. I could do any battle on maps, rather in the manner of a Play By Email game; I thought of doing it Free Kriegspiel-style. Or if we have someone with the figures and the terrain, he can run the game solo with our input and give us a write-up (with pictures? ;-)). How would people like to work it? I look forward to people's thoughts on this. Thanks.


P.S. I am actually going to raise some SYW armies soon - but they will (in time-honoured European tradition (see Edward Ryan's wonderful book, "Paper Soldiers")) be card figures, which I am going to design myself. (Initially I might use the extensive SYW collection at the JuniorGeneral website: :-)

Bluebear Jeff said...

A good question . . . I hadn't considered it. Let's leave it open for a bit and see what options open up.

-- Jeff

David said...

Yes, certainly. I just thought it would be useful to raise the matter and let people think it over. :-)