Monday, 6 August 2007

Freistadt Tippelbruder

I thought it best to separate the Tippelbruder shenanigans from the template blog so here we have a whole new beginning for Tippelbruder and its relations with its warring neighbours, especially The League Against Stagonia.

I've not much time at the moment to tidy up the text; is it just me or is formatting the text on Blogger a bit of a black art? It very often refuses to give me the text size I want, for instance. Anyway, this is a start.

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Bluebear Jeff said...

Hey, if you think that it is a bit of a struggle now . . . I have blogs that were created here under a different format . . . so I have two very different sets of problems in working with my blogs.

Some of their "help" subjects are actually fairly useful . . . it is always worth a try.

I've also had (on a number of occasions) had to copy/paste my text into a .txt file (i.e., no formatting at all), then delete my post completely and start over.

-- Jeff