Friday, 24 August 2007

Highly Confidential: From the Minutes of the Town Council 23.08.1757

Discussion about the meaning of the strange graffiti plastering numerous walls in Tippelbruder led to no firm conclusion but it does seem likely that someone is trying to implicate a certain very high-ranking personage in Stollen in the affairs of Tippelbruder. To what possible end we can only speculate.

Confirmation of the existence of the eye-patched white-clad hussar in Tippelbruder has come from a roundabout diplomatic source who cannot be named but all house-to-house searches have failed to find him. Is he still here or has he fled back to his masters?

The gift of 2 hunting dogs from Stagonia to David Linienblatt with the message:
Ah, I see that you are beginning to come around to a reasonable point of view.

To show our pleasure at your "change of heart", accept this fine pair of hunting dogs as a symbol of our goodwill.

-- Baron Gustav von Rumpel
Foreign Minister of Stagonia

is obviously a ploy by Stagonia to muddy the waters and probably to cover their nefarious activities, by suggesting that the aforesaid David Linienblatt has changed his attitude to Stagonia and allowed his business instincts to overcome his patriotism. However, the Template Shop's decision to tender for contracts to provide French-style uniforms has nothing to do with Stagonia but is a sensible response to the growing general demand in the market for such uniforms, and was fully discussed and approved by the Town Council beforehand. As they say in Tippelbruder, "Why should war get in the way of good business?".

Some of the troops now encamped in the vicinity of Tippelbruder are becoming a little fractious for want of activity and so their commanders have asked to be able to perform realistic manouevres to keep their men on their toes. A message will be posted in the town urging householders not to be alarmed if they hear sounds of musketry and cannon fire in the next few days; this does not signal an all-out attack by Stagonian forces (we hope; although if it does we are ready and waiting).

We still have no intelligence on the forces that Stagonia may employ in any assault on Tippelbruder nor do we have any firm indication if such troops are at present being mustered in Stagonian territory. Is Stagonia's posture mere bluster?

The Council has also issued a picture showing the arrest of Karl Kopfarbeiter, pour encourager les autres.


Stagonian Jeff said...

Ptah! We spit on your non-Stagonian uniform designs!

Enough is enough! No. It is too much.

We gave you time to design our uniforms . . . but have you? No. Instead you play around with minor non-entities.

Very well, you had your chance. Soon you will see your shop burned to the ground.

We are coming to punish you. Quake in your silly slippers. There is no time to call for more help than you already have . . . the die will be cast . . . so cringe in terror.

Stagonia is nigh.

(note -- Proxy battle coming up soon)

Bluebear Jeff said...


Please email me at . . . . . . I realize that I do not have an email address for you and we want to co-ordinate things for the Proxy battle.

Also, I didn't realize it, but you are not a member of the "Emperor vs Elector" group blog. I'll have an invitation sent your way if you'd like . . . but, again, I need your email address to do so.

-- Jeff