Monday, 5 November 2007

Map of Tippelbruder and environs

For the forthcoming campaign and battle that talented amateur cartographer and refugee Jacobite Horatio di Pauli (a pseudonym) (now serving with the Trunkenbold Freikorps) has drawn up this map.

He's a very modern cartographer, as you can see, with contours, bitmap fills and all - he didn't have time to mess around with all those hand-drawn 18th century refinements.


abdul666 said...

well, perhaps I would have had to wait -for a reason you'll spot when reading!- for your «Nihil obstat: imprimatur» before posting this publicly on 'EvE'?

Frank wrote: "You all might post pictures on your own blogs <> what each unit is "supposed to look like" as so many of us like quite unique and individual uniform designs!".

I'd like to expand:
Could all the Imagi-Nation Creators involved post on their blog drawings of their units potentially present at Tippelbruder? This, using David's templates, not only for the 'couleur locale' in that case, but for homogeneity sake?
According to Jeff, and the original count: 2-3 for Tippelbruder (the Freikorps of Count Hans Trunkenbold von Misthaufen is already done: some militia and home defense artillery to be added); 6 for Saxe-Bearstein; 3 for Hesse-Engelburg; 2 for Fenwick (Wittenberg); 1 for the Soweiter League; 2 for Mieczyslaw - and some 14 for Stagonia. «This, perhaps with David's friendly help -it's the fate of *his* town that is in the balance?»
Then, in due time, all these illustrations would be gathered in a collective 'plate' (very 'in character' for the mid-18th C.) posted as an annex to the battle report on the Frankzonian Gazette, here and at Tippelbruder. A collective illustration of a collective achievement, a new and further 'premiere' for EvE and a first -but important- step toward the "Funcken of 'Emperor vs Elector' mythical Lace Wars armies"....

Best regards, and again THANKS for your templates!
P.S.: would the mercenary outfit sent by the Soweiter League the 1st use of your Highlander templates
for a fictitious army?

David said...

Hi Jean-Louis,

Good idea! I rather suspect the militia of Tippelbruder and the artillery will be in civilian costume, perhaps with a coloured cloth on the sleeve or a sash.

Yes, I would certainly like to see the Highlander template in action at last! :-)


All the best,


Bluebear Jeff said...


How about the uniforms of the Count's Freikorps? Since they are "yours", why don't you give us a gander at what they look like?

-- Jeff

Snickering Corpses said...

All of the Hesse-Engelburg uniforms are available already on my blog, though if someone wants to take responsibility for assembling a plate of the various uniforms and needs me to send copies of the PNG files, I can.

MurdocK said...

Ohhh, civilian costume illustrations!

David, if you are feeling 'up' to the challenge, a few simple ones would be great!

The artillery drovers of the period were all civilian 'contractors' anyway, so some 2-6 simple versions of civilian costume would go as a great 'addition' to all your other wonderful works.

David said...

Hi Murdock,

It's on the to do list and I'll get round to it at some point - but can't promise when. Well, I could promise when but I won't. ;-)